Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Voluspa Floraison Eau de Parfum: 3 Scents Reviewed

I recently got a few samples of Voluspa perfume with my candle order from Candles Off Main (all Voluspa candles, of course). Honestly, I didn't even know that Voluspa made perfume up until the time of my order, so I was surprised and very eager to sniff. There are five scents total available from Candles Off Main, and they retail at a very affordable $18.00 each for 1 oz.

First up is Cocoa Tamarind. I got a very strong opening of cocoa and vanilla with this with a slightly bitter tang of the tamarind fruit beneath. So far, I was getting what I expected. Then it changed. A bouquet of flowers emerged, and I could smell nothing else. I waited about a half an hour, and by then it had morphed yet again. At that point, it settled into a soft skin scent with vanilla and a slight floral note within. Quite pleasant, but I'm a bit baffled by the wild alchemy of this perfume.

Next is Jasmine Brown Sugar. Once this hit my skin, I knew I loved it, and I instantly knew why. It smells incredibly similar to one of my favorite (and unfortunately no longer living) Voluspa candle scents, Vanilla Creme de Fleur. Fortunately I still have a bit of my last candle left for comparison, and it's pretty much dead on. Upon opening, the jasmine is present but not cloying (as jasmine usually is on me), and the brown sugar represents as a sweet skin musk. The effect is very soft, and the scent does not change very much the longer it's worn like the Cocoa Tamarind. This is a very comforting scent and I am happy to know that I am able to have a perfume to replace a favorite candle (rest in peace, Vanilla Creme de Fleur, you will be missed).

Last is Enfleurage. The opening is bright, sweet floral, slightly antiseptic. It quickly turns very Violet Candy on me, and then the rose notes emerge pretty strongly. The drydown is sweet, sweet, sweet flowers. My skin doesn't approve, unfortunately. Floral scents don't usually work on me, so I'm not surprised, but I had to try it anyway because the notes include vanilla bean and cucumber, and I was curious to see how they worked in. I can catch the vanilla, but not the cucumber.

Other scents available: Mimosa Martini and Mignonette.


  1. Cocoa Tamarind sounds really interesting. Sounds like a sensory roller-coaster but that can be fun!
    I wonder if Jasmine Brown Sugar could be layered with the Enfleurage? Enfleurage doesn't sound bad at all, it just sounds like it needs something to keep it "grounded".

  2. The cocoa opening with Cocoa Tamarind is BLAM in your face good and true, I just wish it smelled exactly like that for longer. I still love it though. I will try to layer Jas. Brown Sugar and Enfleurage and get back to you. :)