Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tocca Giulietta

Every once in awhile, a floral perfume comes along that I actually don't hate. Tocca Giulietta is one. It has a particularly fresh opening, it's the green apple and pink tulips that hit you at first and sends you into instant vacation mode. But this is a vacation that I've not taken (yet). The scent lingers on the floral plane for awhile, then the sweetness of vanilla orchid settles in, finally landing on a bit of woods and musk for the drydown. But the effect of the numerous floral notes (also including lily of the valley, Bulgarian rose and heliotrope) never quite leaves completely, making this a particularly well-balanced and poetic scent. Unfortunately the scent does not last very long on my skin.

The story behind the scent is memorable: it is an ode to the holidays spent on the island of Corsica by filmmaker Federico Fellini and actress Giulietta Masina. So in essence, this is a love story in a bottle, and it evokes a certain dreaminess with its freshness that is rather rare. Overall, it's definitely not my usual type of scent and I can't say I'll wear it with frequency, but there will be those moods, and when they arrive, I will happily wear this scent and think of shores unseen.

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