Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mission Statement

Like many beauty blogs, this one is born of obsession. I am in awe of the ability a drop of perfume has to transform a woman completely, to change a mood, decision-making, and possibly the course of a life. I cannot even imagine life without experiencing the thrill of trying a new skin care product... "Could this be The One?" I am constantly seeking out the perfect colors, formulations and fragrances to flatter, enliven and enlighten, all in the name of improvement. If anyone reading this blog right now has ever found a set of colors, scent or a regimen and said "Eh, I guess this is good enough.", you can stop reading. What I write is not meant for the cool-headed, the reasonable or those who are easily pleased. I write for those who ask a lot of questions, are continually maddened by disappointment, and who experience major triumph from a good haul. Slip your neck inside the noose, you belong to Beauty.

I am going to do reviews, gush, expose the bad and push the good, ramble on and occasionally be short and to the point... but I will always care, because this stuff matters.

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