Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soivohle Nightjar, my ticket out of here

The city of Chicago is buried in snow, the temperature is freezing and there is no sunlight to be found. To rise above the oppression of this dismal winter day, once again, I turn to Liz Zorn. This time, my antidote to the doldrums is Nightjar.

Nightjar is a delicate fragrance comprised of mimosa, osmanthus and frangipani, with a whispering base of sandalwood, tolu, tonka and musk. The opening is akin to rays of light breaking through a tree line, the tropical flowers working their magic to dissolve my gloomy mood. Did I just smile? No, couldn't be.

The scent wears close to the skin, and as it progresses, a slight verdant undertone emerges and it tangles deliciously with the brightness of the osmanthus. Wait, yes, that was a smile, but you have no proof.

The florals wear on steadfastly throughout the entire experience, and it's something to be grateful for, because you won't ever want them to fade. Once the tonka, soft woods and musk peek through after the heart settles, you are left with a sugar-veiled, tropical-tinged floral skin scent that has surprising longevity. In full-on giggle mode, I realize that cabin fever has indeed claimed me, but with Nightjar, I have my chance now to escape to someplace warm and breezy, teeming with flora and optimism.

See you guys later.

Nightjar is in Absolute concentration and is a mixed media composition. 4.5 ml is $70, and 15ml is $180 at Sample vials are also available. It is a limited-production fragrance released for Fall/Winter 2010.


  1. Sounds like I need a bottle of this to get me out of the winter funk!
    I'm trying to remember if I like mimosa and franginpani. Florals are pretty new for me.
    I need something that feels "warm" but not in a sweater warm way. I feel chilled to the bone.

  2. These are florals that are not overly floral, if that makes any sense. It is definitely a tropical-smelling fragrance, but it's not like, pina colada tropical. It smells fragile, and like something you want to keep in a terrarium and look at all the time, but you can't because you want to smell it too. This reminds me of sunlight in a non-citrus way, which to me, is a w e s o m e.

  3. I love frangipani scent very much. And I am sure it would take me back to the Antilles in a very poetic way. I will note this. THANKS.