Monday, January 3, 2011

Christian Dior La Collection Couturier Parfumeur: Leather Oud

Dior's Leather Oud was released this past fall as part of a ten-fragrance collection. With the proliferation of oud scents increasing every day, I had to ask myself whether I thought that Dior's version is relevant to the genre. My thought on it is this: the chances are good that a lot of people who don't even know what oud is will smell this and want to buy it. The reason is simple, it's uncomplicated, modern and beautiful, and that makes it relevant in my eyes.

The notes besides oud are listed as cardamom, clove, leather, gaiac, cedar and sandalwood. I don't get much spice at all on the opening, but I'm actually glad for it. The wood and leather is what needs to, and indeed does speak the loudest here. The cedar lends the scent a modern, dry edge that I really love, while the gaiac and sandalwood smooth out the base nicely. The leather comes across to me as more of a cool suede than a rich leather accord, and the oud is notably strong, but again, not particularly rich. The journey from top to base is short, and that suits me just fine. Sometimes it's nice to have some perfumes that don't unfold over time; it's like that one friend you have that you always know you can rely on. Dior Leather Oud is grounded.

Leather Oud is marketed by Dior as an "intensely masculine" scent, and I wholeheartedly disagree. This perfume can be worn by anyone who has the inclination towards these notes. It will be a gateway scent for some, and a "don't have to think, just spray and go" scent for others (like me). I think Leather Oud has the potential to please many, especially fans of Le Labo Oud 27 (but don't expect Le Labo's animalic bite). I love the minimalist bottle, and the photograph below makes me extremely happy. I look forward to trying some of the other La Collection scents, especially the Vetiver (and coffee!).


  1. I love the promo pic too, so enticing!
    Lovely review, thank you. I hope to get the chance to try all the new Diors at some point.

  2. Great review! I have not tried oud yet..I know, I should have my parfumista membership taken away!! Leather Oud DOES sound like a good "gateway" scent for the oud-uninitiated.

    I'm intrigued by a few of these new Dior frags, especially Mitzah. At first, I thought it was called Mitzvah, which I thought was a pretty arrogant name choice! LOL

  3. No judgement JoanElaine, the fact that you haven't tried oud yet only means you're not SUPER interested in it. Being a leather lover, on the other hand, would make this a must-try for you. Then, you can kill two birds with one stone. Try an oud, love a leather.

  4. This one sounds worth trying.
    I'm really sick of these companies saying their woods scents are "masculine". I find those the easiest to wear!

  5. I really love it, V. I wear it at all times of the day and it feels appropriate no matter where I am. I think anyone that digs a modern, clean oud like Le Labo's Oud 27 should like this.

  6. I understand the "gateway drug" sentiment...the Leather Oud (and, to my nose, just about every one of the Dior wardrobe collection) are easy on the nose: pleasant, well made, not too much of anything.

    I can see them working for folks testing note waters for the first time, or for folks who simply know they don't like the volume set too high.

    Leather Oud is the "two birds, one stone" of the group, isn't it? And they say so, right there in the name. :)

  7. The initial feeling of I Must Smell Everything is definitely gone. It's actually nice to once in a while read about a new scent and think, I don't need to smell that.

  8. "Womens Perfumes": I definitely know what you mean. I know many people who are not in the least interested in any of the La Collection scents, and even a few very unlikely ones that love this. With the release of the Bond no. 9 Ouds, I feel as you do, don't need to try them. Just a gut feeling, I guess.