Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Soivohle Winter Poem: a review

My first experience with Soivohle's Winter Poem shocked me instantly out of my dead-of-Winter coma that I had been struggling through. Released for sale on Winter Solstice at midnight, I was pretty much first in line for this. It's not at all the type of perfume I would usually try from the description alone, but for some reason I knew I had to give it a spin.

The opening is filled with bright floral notes of freesia, gardenia and jasmine, and it doesn't take long for the fruits to squeeze their way in. I detect perhaps yuzu or nectarine, and it persists well into the dry down. The florals sparkle, shimmer gently and offer a welcome mental and emotional break from the winter blues. These are not the hard-edged, heady floral notes that usually give me a hard time.

After about an hour of wear, the base emerges with moss and a soft musk, but they never dominate in this blend. They are there to support the flowers and the fruits through their linear journey to the end. This scent has an inherent sweetness to it that is not cloying, but really serves to bring out the light earthiness of the base notes.

As I wear it, I long for Spring, with its giddiness and promise of rebirth. I think I understand why this doesn't smell like a rich "Winter" scent, its freshness and ability to clear the mind's cobwebs is why Winter Poem is an instant classic to me. It is a perfume blended with great care and skill, and I hope that many of you will get to experience it before it's gone.

Winter Poem's base is from a saved quantity of one of Liz Zorn's earlier perfumes called Writing Lyrical Poetry, but has been tweaked to create an original limited edition absolute. It is available in a 15ml flacon for $100, 5ml for $35 and a sample size for $5 on Soivohle.com. This perfume will only be available until Valentine's Day. Liz Zorn's new Facebook Page can be found

Painting: George Bellows, Love of Winter 1914
Photo of Winter Poem 15 ml flacon, property of Liz Zorn


  1. Sounds wonderful! But please, stop making me want hard to get perfumes! (I got that sentence too when reviewing Mata Hari ;))

  2. I know, it's not fair! I've screamed to the heavens regarding perfume-related woes before, and somehow, they cut me the deepest. :)

  3. Ahhh, another wonderful creation from Liz Zorn! It's very refreshing how she has put a new spin on the "winter" scent.

    I love your descriptions of Winter Poem, how it gave you a "mental and emotional break from the winter blues" and can "clear the mind's cobwebs". This sound like a tonic for one's mind, heart and soul! I should get a sample of this before it's too late.

    On Christmas Day, I wore Liz's "Bottleneck Blues". I also wore it to my husband's work Christmas party (and may times in between). Nothing about it screams "XMAS!!", it just smells so damn good! It's grassy, floral and a little animalic - smoooth and gorgeous.

  4. There's nothing like slipping on a rich, patchouli or amber-laden gourmand to chase off the chills in the winter time, but I'm digging the season-less approach more and more now. My moods are too varied to stick with seasons, and I think many are probably in the same boat. So wear a fruity floral in winter, and a syrupy amber & patchouli in the heat of summer! Why not?

  5. I like the idea that this isn't "wintery" either. that is what I liked about DSH Perfumes Three Kings.
    I'm so tired of winter too. I'm actually finding myself lately wearing jasmine or green perfumes because these scents remind me of better weather.

  6. Thank goodness we have perfumes to enhance or alter our moods. When I choose one to wear in the morning, it's like sending a little soldier out ahead of me to announce the Queen's current disposition.

  7. Sounds perfect, especially as I sit gazing at the huge snowbanks outside my window.

    Happy 2011! Hope that you have some exciting celebration awaiting you! :)

  8. Sounds so lovely, I know I need to get some more samples from LZ soon. I do like florals in winter from time to time, it really picks everything up, I completely agree.