Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Oudinest one

This photograph should speak for itself, even though it's a bit blurry. My bottle arrived today, 15ml (benefit of ordering directly from Le Labo in NY- they have a smaller size available). If I keep harping on about how this cedar-laden, sharp yet smooth oud masterpiece has changed the way I think about fragrance, and how it makes me happy to even think about it, I may find myself forsaken by my readers. I certainly hope not, but if I find that to be the case, I will comfort myself by spraying some more Oud 27.

15, 50, 100 and 500ml size bottles available at the Le Labo webstore ($52, $130, $200 and $650 respectively), as well as body lotion (8oz for $60), body oil (4oz for $60) and perfume balm (10ml, $80).


  1. Ah, bless the perfumers that make 15-30 ml bottles. I have yet to try anything with Oud in it!

  2. Perfume addiction is a very expensive habit. What would some of us do without samples, decants and small bottles? We'd suffer, that's what.

  3. I wish all companies would offer small bottles! We addicts like a little of everything, who cares about value? We're never going to use 3.4 oz anyways! I'm lucky to go through a sample or mini.
    This is a beautiful fragrance. I didn't realize that it came in a smaller size.

  4. Oh I've been dying to try anything from LeLabo! You should put together a concise review to whet our appetite :)

  5. Hi Liam! I've reviewed Oud 27 before, and am probably accused of talking about it non-stop. :)
    If you go back into my blogs, you will find the first encounter: "Fumes #1", where I review it in a group.