Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Great Neutralizer

I've discovered something that really does help neutralize perfume remnants between scrubbings (I personally scrub scents off of my skin several times a day for testing purposes). CeraVe Lotion will help soothe irritations and protect your skin from barrier compromise and the harsh effects of soap, and surprisingly, helps to neutralize any leftover scents on your skin (doesn't obliterate them, but helps). The lotion itself is unscented, and comes in a 12oz size for about $13 USD at drugstores. I discovered this hidden talent of CeraVe's quite by accident, but I am glad to know of it. Hopefully some of you may find it useful too.


  1. Love, love CeraVe! But, they really need help with their image IMO. I've ignored them for years and just started using it this year. It's my favorite body cream and my nightly face cream in the summer.

  2. I just started using CeraVe body lotion and the face lotion too, and I find them indispensable. I think they are working the clinical angle and are in hot competition with Cetaphil and Eucerin, but more dermatologists are recommending CeraVe now more than ever. They also get a lot of mentions on the Makeup Alley skin care board. But maybe you're right, they could use a little face lift to make them stand out from the other products a bit more.

  3. It is a basic line and it's nice if you chose to burn your face off with treatments :) I like it as a body lotion because it doesn't compete with my fragrance du jour.
    I do hate the packaging and I have to put mine in a smaller container (the cream) so that I can actually use it. But, I guess the packaging looks clinical if that is the angle they are going for.

  4. Oh the cream- I haven't used that. Is it in a large tub? Very unsanitary. They should know better than that. You're right to transfer contents. What else can you do?

    I have some German Nivea on order, it's supposed to be as good as Creme de La Mer, so say many. I will be the judge of that! But it was cheap, so even if it doesn't work out, I've got a body cream.

    And yes, for those days that I insist on burning my face off, CeraVe is great. Aquaphor is even better! Somebody at the Makeup Alley skin board told me to just use Aquaphor and a gentle cleanser once a day, and that's it! In no uncertain terms. So I obeyed, and sure enough, I healed right on time.